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Success Stories: Ronald L.

Ronald L. was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a MI requiring stent placement. During the procedure, he suffered a CVA. Mr. L. also has DJD causing pain and decreased mobility in his knees and shoulders. Mr. L. was referred to University Park Nursing and Rehabilitation for skilled therapy and nursing services. Upon admission, he required minimal assistance with all functional bed mobility and transfers. He was only able to take a few steps with a rolling walker with minimal assistance. He also required minimal assistance with all functional ADLS for dressing, bathing and toileting needs. Mr. L. demonstrated moderate cognitive deficits upon admission.

Mr. L. was seen 5 times per week for 3 weeks for speech therapy. Therapy focused on cognition. He required mod cues upon admission for recall and problem solving and upon discharge, required only min cues. He was ready to return home with his wife and assist with high level cognitive tasks.

Mr. L. was seen 5 times per week for 3 weeks for occupational therapy. Mr. L. required minimal to moderate assistance to complete dressing, bathing, and toileting tasks upon arrival to university park nursing and rehabilitation. Upon discharge Mr. L. was able to complete dressing, bathing and toileting tasks independently.

Mr. L. was seen by Physical Therapy five times a week for three weeks. During his stay he was highly motivated to participate with his treatment plan to be able to return home with his wife. His functional strength improved greatly allowing him to be modified independent with his rolling walker to perform his own transfers and ambulate more than 200 feet. He was able to negotiate several stairs with a handrail to enter his home safely. His knee pain was also greatly reduced during his stay.

We were all so happy for Mr. L. to achieve his goals and return home with his wife to be home in time for the Christmas holiday. Mr. L. was a pleasure to work with. We will all miss him and hope he continues to improve over the months ahead.

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